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Brothers first and business partners second, the Principals of our company grew up in a house their family built on Sharpe Road. The profound impact their childhood home, family and neighborhood had on them has endured and grown to inform the vision for the company.


The company moniker pays homage to the literal and figurative impacts that structures and neighborhoods have on our lives. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story, but we recognize that the built environment is a backdrop we all share. Sharpe commits to stewarding such with great care and respect.


Sharpe's Principals are both lifelong musicians. As such, music and art underscore the soul of the company.


In musical notation, sharp means "higher in pitch by one half step." Our long-term focus is centered around developing vacant or underutilized land and buildings and bettering the lives of the people who interact with our property. Effectively, our mission is to better our properties and our communities by at least one half step every day.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” -Ernest Hemingway


Sharpe Venture Group prides itself on its ability to assess real estate’s intrinsic value from a financial perspective. Our financial modeling takes into account the elements of the Sharpe Ratio, which is used to help investors understand the risk/return profile of a given investment. 


Developed by Nobel laureate William F. Sharpe, the principles of the Sharpe Ratio play an important role in our financial analysis of each opportunity, whether a ground-up development, repositioning, or pure-play acquisition.


It is this penchant for quantitative nuance that enables Sharpe to optimize our long term impact.

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